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Fruitful Friends Program

When refugees arrive, people often think that what they need most are material goods – but these needs are often met by nonprofits and other government organizations. What they primarily need and want during this time of transition is a FRIEND – someone to help them navigate this new city and culture and walk alongside them in this new phase of life. Many refugee families in Charlotte desire to be matched with an American friend – help make this dream come true today by becoming a FRUITFUL FRIEND!

Refugee Help Center

Every Wednesday and Thursday morning, from 10 am until Noon, RSS hosts Refugee Help Center, which provides refugees and former refugees a place to come and get hands-on assistance.  About a half dozen volunteers are on hand during these times to provide help to refugees with a wide range of issues including: figuring out their mail and/or bills, making medical appointments for them, handling telephone calls that would be too overwhelming for them, completing all sorts of required forms, seeking new job opportunities, and receiving advice about a multitude of concerns.  In addition, Wednesdays brings our refugee friends an opportunity to healthfully supplement their family’s meals with our Free Fresh Produce (and sometimes Fish) Distribution, thanks to our collaboration with the Society of St. Andrew.  And Thursdays provides a day when crafty refugees can get together to learn some new and potentially income-producing skills, such as knitting and jewelry-making.

Love & Learn Education Program

Every Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10:00-12:00 RSS provides an education program for the refugee children whose parents are at the Help Center. The parents are also encouraged to attend with their children. The Love & Learn program is modeled after a traditional preschool format with many unique characteristics. Children of different ages, nationalities, cultures and abilities come together to learn kindergarten readiness and literacy skills. The children have unstructured play time, story time, craft / learning activity time, snack time, and outdoor play time during the mornings. RSS Education Coordinator and a loving group of volunteers provide the children and their parents with a safe, nurturing, happy learning environment.


All financial contributions made to Refugee Support Services are 100% appreciated — and 100% tax-deductible.  We will provide you with a Tax Donation Receipt for any cash or in-kind donations you provide to help us fulfill our mission.  Our donation page outlines many of our most current needs and provides an easy way to sign up to contribute.  Thank you so much for your generous support!

Group Volunteering

View some great opportunities for youth and adult groups from community organizations and faith communities to help RSS to work with groups from churches and other organizations.

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